Beech Hardwood Spiral Staircases

Beech Spiral Staircases are generally the most economically priced  with beech being the most cost effective hardwood,  and is it a very popular choice when a client wants to stain or paint the treads.

These wooden spiral staircases are formed with 30-50mm solid beech, either on a steel tread arm or cantilevering directly from the centre column.  Diameters vary from 1000-3000mm and these spirals can be assembled to access several floors if required.

The beech tends to be supplied matt varnished, oiled or left ‘raw’ for onsite treatment.  Many examples below show the beech stained or painted in the factory.

Beech spiral stairs are the entry level timber within the range we offer.  Beech is a durable hardwood which is very adaptable and can be varnished, oiled, painted, or stained.

Many of the kit spiral staircases we offer are only available in beech with a choice of finishes.  The Klan for example has beech treads formed with blocks of beech laminated together for strength. The kit models however do all have a polyurethane handrail and you have to look at the GENIUS or the custom range to have a beech handrail.