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Beech Spiral Staircase Oxford

A double flight spiral staircase was required for a new build in Wallingford, Oxfordshire.  This ‘Spiral Staircase Oxford’ span from the ground floor to the second floor with platforms at both the first and second floors.

The client placed their order fairly early on in the build which allowed us to advise on the open required at each level and to develop drawings as the build progressed.  Instead of the usual straight cut timber treads, our client wanted a petal shape with each tread curved at the front giving the impression of a blooming flower when viewed from above.  We created these in a slightly white waxed beech (to match the timber flooring being installed throughout).

When spanning multiple floors with a spiral staircase it is important to control the entry and exit points and overall rotation. This is achieved at drawing stage with a variation in platform size to alter how one flight finishes and he other starts.  This and of course altering the tread going ‘depth’ to suit.  All this is done whilst maintaining the appropriate depth of tread to comply with regulations and to keep the spiral user friendly.

Project Spiral Staircase Oxford was supplied with the petal shaped beech treads with our continuous steel centre column structure for a seamless central cylinder spanning from ground to 1m above the upper floor.  We had simple steel spindles and a steel handrail.  The steelwork was powder coated Black.

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Spiral Staircase Oxford

Technical Specification

Floor to floor height 2686mm & 2614mm
Risers 13 risers for each level
Spiral Diameter 1800mm
Clear Tread Width 800mm
Tread Type 30mm Beech Petal shaped with curved front edge
Balustrade Type 10mm Ø vertical steel spindles
Handrail 42,4mm Ø Steel
Finish of steel
Powder Coated Black
Riser Infill
enlarged steel tread supports
Additional matching landing balustrade at each level

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